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Today in literacy we looked at conjunctions, we wrote all of our christmas ideas down.  This included: Christmas lists, elf on the shelf, decorating christmas trees and even what we will eat for Christmas dinner. How many different conjunctions do … Continue reading


Travelling in Different Ways

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In PE today we have been practising travelling across a mat in different ways. We have been trying to work on our balance, coordination and control. How many different ways can you travel?


Sponsored Fun Run.

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This afternoon we took part in our Sponsored Fun Run! We really enjoyed running and pushing ourselvs to run faster. The class warmed up on the playground before taking part. Do you know how to warm up? 

Writing Lists.

Today we have been writing lists. We discovered that our lists we’re full of either nouns or adjectives. Tomorrow we will use these in our writing. Do you know what a list is?


Mr Happy and Mr Rude

Today we have been looking at how we can be helpful towards other people. We read a story about Mr Rude and Mr Happy and then acted this out. Do you know what ‘manners’ means?

Collecting and Looking at Data.

Today we have been looking at the data we collected last week about the materials in the classroom. We figured out the least and most popular materials.

Then we collected data to look at last week about our favourite materials. We had our ‘researchers’ put these into tallys.


In Class 4 this year our challenge is to read every day. We have been encourgaing each other to read and have even started suggesting books to our friends. At the moment Ethan is reading ‘The Twits’ and has been talking to the class about his favourtie parts. What book are you reading? 


Isla has been busy working on her maths over the summer and has earned herself 6 Mathletics certificates! What a super star! Who else can earn themselves a Mathletics Certificate? 

Time Lines.

Today we made time lines of Charles Darwins life. We talked about him going to university and how he used all his learning to explore the world.

More> or less<

Today we learnt about > or < signs and how to use them.