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Adding Coins

This week we have been adding coins to make different amounts. Which coins do you know?


Place Value

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Today in Maths, Class 4 looked at how to partition numbers using place value.  They used dice to help them create two digit numbers to partition. Which method do you use to partition numbers?


Exploring Space

This afternoon we have been researching about the satalite that we have landed on Mars! We then moved on to explore the first ever moon landing and created our own timeline of Neil Armstrong’s life. Do you know who Neil … Continue reading



Today we have been working hard to use repeated addition to show multiplying. We have drawn models to help us and some of us have used number line jottings. Do you know how to multiply?

Solving Problems

Today we have been applying our maths learning to solving hard problems! Do you know what key words to look for?


Missing Numbers

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In Class 4, over the past 2 days, we have been using our number knowledge of add and subtract to find missing number problems. Do you know how to show neat jottings? 


Inverse to Check.

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This morning, in maths, we have been using the inverse to check our answers. We have come up with a helpful song so we can always remember what ‘inverse’ means. Do you know what is in the inverse operation for … Continue reading

Collecting and Looking at Data.

Today we have been looking at the data we collected last week about the materials in the classroom. We figured out the least and most popular materials.

Then we collected data to look at last week about our favourite materials. We had our ‘researchers’ put these into tallys.

Learning To Measure.

We flew our paper gliders and measured the distance they flew. What can you measure?



Learning To Write Instructions.

We are learning to write instructions showing how to make a paper glider. We practised giving instructions for our friends to follow. We had to begin with an imperative verb. How many imperative verbs can you list?