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Place Value

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Today in Maths, Class 4 looked at how to partition numbers using place value.  They used dice to help them create two digit numbers to partition. Which method do you use to partition numbers?


Book Character Dress up Day.

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Today we have come to school dressed as our favourite book characters! We are currently raising money for Operation Christmas Child and brought in a £1 each. What character is your favourite? 


Collecting Data.

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This afternoon we have voted and collected the data, to decide which piece of art work (Created by Abbey Diamond) that we will recreate. Do you know which piece of art got the most votes?


Mixing Colours.

Today we have started to explore the use of colour in our Topic work. In a few weeks we will be creating our own ‘Up Up and Away’ paintings so we wanted to test out which colours would look good. We found out that you can make a lot of different colours by mixing others!

The Galápagos Islands.

Today we explored Charles Darwins discoveries and learnt all about the tortoises that live on the Galápagos Islands. We wrote down everything we had learnt about the tortoises and then drew pictures and labelled them correctly.

Roy Litchtenstien paintings.

Today we looked at how Roy Litchenstien made his paintings. We traced around photographs of our faces and then painted them using just dots of paint, like he did.


Today we created pictures of WWII aeroplanes using different materials.

What materials would you use?

The Cat In The Hat.

Today we made a hat for our Authors display…

Dr Suess wrote, The Cat In The Hat. What other stories did he write? 


Our Globes

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This afternoon, we painted our Globes we made last week. We have painted them blue for the sea. Now all that is left to do it the land! What different countries do you know?


Book Characters

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This afternoon, some of the class when outside into the sunny to paint and colour. We were painting pictures of Julia Donaldson characters. What characters do you like?