Remembrance poem

This morning, we have been practising a remembrance poem and we have recorded each other saying the poem. It was important that we used a clear voice and that we practised for long enough so that we remembered what to … Continue reading


Rugby tournament

This afternoon, the whole school had their rugby tournament. We were doing different activities to help us to get moving and exercise.When everyone in your team finished you would sit down and the first team to sit down won! It … Continue reading


Today in maths we looked at different types of patterns. It was important that we made sure the patterns repeated. What pattern did you create?


Vegetable turnover

This morning, in literacy, we have been looking at instructions. We used pastry and vegetables to make vegetable turnover. It was important to make sure we followed the instructions correctly. They were really tasty. What other things do instructions tell … Continue reading


Today, in PE, we having been practicing how to catch a ball properly. This is to help us when we play games like rounders or cricket. It was important to make sure we had both hands in a cup shape ready to catch the ball. It was important to also remember that we could move our feet in order to catch the ball. What other games involve catching?


Carrot muffins

Today, we have been baking carrot muffins! We have to measure out the ingredients correctly and mix them all together. We also had to grate carrots to add to our mixture. The muffins were very tasty. What have you cooked … Continue reading

Battles artwork

Today we looked at an artist that was an official war artist. We recreated one of her paintings. We had to think about shading and what shapes we were using. What shapes did you use?

Floating and sinking

Today we looked at what objects float and what objects sink. We talked about how it depends on the amount of water that there is. What did you find out?

Our trip to the farm

Today we went on our trip to the farm. We explored all the farm and gathered lots of facts for our information text. What did you learn for your information text?

Similarities and Differences

Today we read the book ‘We’re all wonders’. We spoke about how we are all different and we shouldn’t treat people differently because of the way we look. How do you think Auggie felt about being treated differently?