Marmalade sandwiches

Today we made marmalade sandwiches using the marmalade we made last week. We then wrote instructions of how to make the sandwich. We thought it was yummy and delicious! What did you think of the marmalade sandwich?

Naming parts of a plant.

Paddington has seen lots of different plants on his travels so today we named different parts of a plant. We had to think carefully about which part of the plant did what. What parts can you remember?

Guiding Paddington from Peru

This afternoon, we used a coding robot to help get Paddington back after he got lost in Peru! We used our coding skills to ensure that the robot was able to move forwards and backwards around obstacles to get Paddington back to Wombridge nice and safe! Did you get Paddington back to our school?

Meeting Christopher Columbus

Paddington took Class 4 for an adventure to Peru today. On our trip, we found out the Paddington had already met Christopher Columbus, an exciting explorer. We discovered that Columbus was born in Italy and he travelled the world, exploring Central and South America. We spent our afternoon finding out facts about Paddington’s new friend. What can you remember about Christopher Columbus?

Aiming a Ball

Today in PE, we learnt how to aim to throw a ball accurately. We straightened our arm out in front of us and pushed the ball to follow our arm. We then swapped so we could catch our partner’s ball and some of us caught them! Did your ball go where you aimed it?

Making Marmalade

Today, we made Paddington some marmalade. We wrote instructions and followed them to prepare the marmalade. This included listing the ingredients that we needed and then we planned a method. We boiled oranges, let them cool and squeezed as hard as we could to get the juice out. We mixed this with sugar and poured out the scrumptious mixture into jars. Do you remember the ingredients that we needed?

Using Sphero

Today, we used Sphero to get Paddington around an obstacle course to his beloved marmalade. We learnt that it was very important to observe the obstacle course to avoid any bumps as we drew the pathway onto the Sphero software on the iPads. This meant that we coded a pathway for the Sphero to follow in the hope that he got Paddington to his jar of marmalade. How close did you get?


Temporal Connectives

Today, we have been using temporal connectives to sequence a story about Paddington bear. It was important to make sure we sequenced the story in the right order and that we used temporal connectives to open our sentences. What temporal … Continue reading



Today, we have been writing sentences about the different settings Paddington has been in. It was important to use interesting adjectives in our sentences and to make sure that we were describing the setting. Some children used the mighty writer … Continue reading

Class 4’s new member.

Today in class 4 we welcomed a new member all the way from deepest, darkest Peru. His name is Paddington Bear, he came loaded with a brown suitcase and 2 jars of marmalade! We read the story of Paddington Bear and are really looking forward to seeing what he gets up to next in our classroom. What do you think. Paddington will do next?