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Indian Adventures

One of our parents very kindly gave us some objects that she collected for us to explore as part of our India topic. We explored the material of a sari, and noticed how delicate and intricate the stitching was. We also explored a rug, which was lovely and bright, and again, very delicate. We are so lucky to have been given these objects to borrow, as it really gave us a sense of the hard work that goes into the processes of preparing these materials. What was your favourite object?

How the Oxygen Cycle Helps Plants Grow

This afternoon, we learnt about how the oxygen cycle affects the growth of our plants and crops. We began by discussing the importance of oxygen, finding out that without oxygen, not only will we not survive, but plants and crops would not be able to grow sufficiently. To demonstrate how the oxygen cycle works, we lined up in three lines: one of carbon dioxide; one of trees and one of oxygen. The carbon dioxide line threw cotton wool to the trees, demonstrating how trees breathe in oxygen. Then the trees threw out oxygen, demonstrating how trees breathe out oxygen for us to breathe in and for crops and plants to grow.


This afternoon, we learnt about Lent. We found out that Christians celebrate Lent to celebrate how Jesus gave up his life for us. In return, Christians give up something they love for 40 days and 40 nights. They may give up chocolate, or crisps, or maybe even their computer games. Some of us made a keynote that presented what we may give up, and others drew what they would give up. Can you remember when Lent starts and finishes?

Our Big Write!

This morning, Class 4 did our Big Write! Over the week, we have been practising by exploring better and more advanced verbs, adjectives and conjunctions to make our writing the best it could be. In our Big Write, we described the Arctic. We explored how it might feel and what we might see and hear. We tried to put ourselves in Paddington’s shoes and imagine what he could see on his adventures! Which verbs did you use?

Painting our Sculptures!

Last week, we created our sculptures of polar bears and Paddington Bear, and today we got to finally paint them! We used paint mixed with PVA glue to give our magnificent creations a beautiful shine. We carefully used our paintbrushes to ensure that our sculptures were as good as they possibly could be! What was your favourite part of our afternoon painting lesson?

Planting Bean Plants

This afternoon, we learnt about the lifecycle of a bean plant. We discovered that it started as a seed, and then it grows until it is so big that you can eat the beans that have grown off the plant! A group of us were able to venture off into the greenhouse, were we planted our own beans! We put soil into a pot, planted the seed and then covered it with more soil. We can’t wait to see how they grow!

The Northwest Passage

This afternoon, we guided William Baffin through the Northwest Passage! We split our class into two, we chose who was going to portray William Baffin and the rest of the team had to give instructions on which direction to go! However, the only directions we could give were, “North!” “South!” “East!” and, “West!” We had so much fun relying on our teamwork skills to get William Baffin around the icebergs of the Northwest Passage! Can you remember where the Northwest Passage is?

The Good Samaritan

This afternoon, we read the Bible story, The Good Samaritan. We learnt about a man who was left for dead and two people had ignored him, but the third was a kind man who helped. Some of us used the information that we had listened to in the story to create an animation. Other children retold the story in a storyboard and a group used the Mighty Writer to describe what happened. Can you remember what happened to the injured man?

World Book Day!

Today is World Book Day! We celebrated with lots of different fun activities. First, we brought in our favourite book and we we able to discuss them with each other throughout the day. This afternoon, we designed our own bookmarks to keep and we designed a book cover that featured ourselves and the person we want to read our book with. To top off our exciting day, we played a game where one person had a book character held up to their forehead and they had to guess who it was with the help of our class who gave clues. What was your favourite part?