Identifying Human Features Of The UK.

Today we looked at objects in the UK that are man made. We talked about, Buckingham Palace, The Angel of the North, Farms and Factories and lots more.

What other features can you think of?

Understanding The Differences Between World War 2 Children And Us

Today we compared how world war 2 children lived, to how we live today.

We wrote down our comparisons and asked some questions about what happened, we then looked at videos of what it was like and listened to a recording of some children that had been evacuated.


Today we created pictures of WWII aeroplanes using different materials.

What materials would you use?

Floating And Sinking.

Today we experimented to see which materials would float or sink. We made predictions before we conducted the experiment, then wrote down the actual result.

Following Instructions

We used our reading knowledge in English to follow instructions to make Camomile Tea. Some of us really enjoyed it. We then wrote about it in our books.

Do you know how to make Camomile tea?

Learning about the planes in WW2

This afternoon we have been doing our own research to find out about the different planes who fought in The Battle of Britain. We had to write out our own facts and used our reading knowledge to answer some tricky questions.

Do you know about any of the WW2 planes?


Remembrance Assembly.

Today we had a rememberance assembly. We made a poppy wreath and on each poppy we wrote a message of thanks to the soldiers that fought and died in the wars. We then laid the wreaths down with the other classes and held a minute silence together.

Extended noun phrases

Today we used the iPads to write about world war 2. We found out as many facts as we could and wrote them own using extended noun phrases.

NFU Discovery Barn.

Today we visited the discovery barn. We played all the games and listened carefully to all the information.

The Shropshire Star interviewed some of us and videoed us milking the cow. Look out for the report. 

The Cat In The Hat.

Today we made a hat for our Authors display…

Dr Suess wrote, The Cat In The Hat. What other stories did he write?